Thursday, July 7, 2011

A Message of Encouragement

Prayer flags? Check! Summer Spree? Check! Anything else missing? Just one important bit: words of encouragement for the whole Heartstrings Cast and Crew. 

On the first two weeks of the drama, we have seen how the story progressed into something wonderful. The ratings, however, are saying something else. We have seen this happen during YB, too. The stars were feeling down the dumps with the way ratings went, and so fans have gathered presents and messages to boost the morale of the cast and crew. (Details here: )

Let’s make it happen again.

So we call on all STAR ANGELS, BOICES, ANJellics, fans of Director Pyo Min Su, of Min Hyuk, of Woori … anyone who supports drama ~ this project is for all of you.

What to do? Simply write encouraging messages to the whole Heartstrings team. If you want to write
something for a particular person from the cast or crew, go ahead! 

And then, post your messages to the blog we created specifically for Heartstrings. If you would like to photoshop your message and do something fun about it, please paste the link to your image here or send it to us at All the messages will be compiled into a book that we will be giving as an Aja! for the team. 

Each book costs around 40++ USD. To be able to give one each to the two leads and to their director, we need at least 120 USD. With this, we are opening the donation box once again. For those who want to participate, just click the DONATION BUTTON. All proceeds of this donation will go to this book project.

Let’s all give the Heartstrings people a whooping “FIGHTING!

We are also RECRUITING people to design the cover of the book. The size of the book we are planning to print is either A4 or A5. If you wish to participate, please send your design to We will pick the best out of the designs sent in. 

Please go here: MESSAGES FOR HEARTSTRINGS to write your encouraging messages to the cast of "Heartstrings." Don't forget to include your NAME and COUNTRY. PLEASE LIMIT MESSAGE TO 10 LINES OR LESS (If it's too long, we may need to shorten your message).

As we are leaving on July 21st to visit the set, the deadline is FRIDAY, JULY 15, 2011.

You can refer to a previous fan project for "You're Beautiful" for guidance:

If you have any questions, please write them under COMMENT here and we will try to answer them.